TaylorMade All-Carbon Moto2 Prototype to debut at Goodwood

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TaylorMade All-Carbon Moto2 Prototype to debut at Goodwood

The sensational TaylorMade Carbon2 prototype will make its first public appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK in mid-July.

The unique Moto2 class racing bike features an all-carbon fibre monocoque chassis which integrates the fuel tank and bodywork in a single fabrication, cutting weight and increasing strength. The multi-adjustable chassis is a key innovation for the ultra-competitive 600cc Grand Prix series.

TaylorMade head Paul Taylor said: ‘Moto2 is meant to be a prototype class. While the racing is fantastic, the level of innovation has been frankly disappointing. Carbon2 aims to challenge that.’

Carbon2 has been developed by Paul Taylor and designer John Keogh, to produce a race bike with optimum strength and weight, but with exceptional ‘tunability’ to suit different riders, circuits and track conditions.

Carbon2 contains a range of cutting-edge design elements. The super-rigid swing arm is all carbon, while the radiator is positioned at the rear of the bike – the monocoque is only as wide as the engine – to minimize the bike’s frontal area.

The integral fuel cell is positioned just behind the engine, running vertically to below the swing arm, centralizing mass and maintaining a constant balance as the fuel level drops.

Front suspension is a highly-adjustable single wishbone, with conventional damping in the fork tubes.

Use of a wishbone and telescopic forks allows the air tunnel feeding the radiator to pass through the center of the bike, improving intake flow, yet retaining a familiar suspension feel for riders.

Carbon2 has been developed on-track over two years and is now ready to race

Paul Taylor said: ‘In a class as ultra competitive as Moto2 the chance of an advantage has got to be of interest. That’s what we’re here to prove.’

Taylor added: ‘Moto2 was introduced as a prototype class using a supplied Honda CBR 600 engine to limit costs, but with complete freedom for chassis design. As designers, this was a very exciting prospect as top level racing had become exclusively based around modified production bikes.

‘However, I’ve been disappointed in the way Moto2 has developed. It may be the best racing in Grand Prix, but the bikes do not have an ounce of distinction between them. Of course, the racing community is innately conservative, but we hope to prove to teams that thinking “outside the box”, combined with rigorous testing and development, can deliver a competitive advantage.’

Carbon2 has been invited to run at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK from July 11-14 and will be demonstrated daily on the famous hillclimb track.

Carbon2 has been developed in the USA by former Buell factory rider Shawn Higbee and will be ridden at Goodwood by Alan Cathcart and John Keogh.

Taylormade Racing, based in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, USA, is a specialist in innovative design and manufacture of carbon-fibre components, to Formula One standards. It is a discreet supplier to the Yamaha, Honda and Buell race teams as well as producing its own range of hi-tech exhaust mufflers for street bikes, which have attracted much attention for their light weight and integrated design.

Englishman Paul Taylor has been responsible for many ground-breaking road and race bike designs; including the Saxon Laverdas. His Daytona-winning Triumph Triple Racer will also be demonstrated at Goodwood. John Keogh, who is another Brit, has long been associated with TaylorMade’s products, adding the stunning looks which stylishly integrate the company’s exhausts into the standard sportbike bodywork of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki.

Contact Details Hi-res images available on request

Hi res images available for download here.

Paul Taylor: Phone: +1 (818)781-8123 Email: paul.taylor@racetaylormade.com

John Keogh: Phone: +44(0)1753-662250 Email: john.keogh@racetaylormade.com

Factory: Taylormade Racing Inc: #7712 Gloria Avenue STE3 91406- 1802 Van Nuys, California, USA

Website: www.racetaylormade.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/TaylorMadeRacingUS

Web Links: Goodwood: http://www.goodwood.co.uk/festival-of-speed/welcome.aspx:

National Motorcycle Museum: http://www.nationalmotorcyclemuseum.co.uk/museum/





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